Whom is this app for?


Get the best deals and best fruits before your competition!

Fruits and Vegetables supplier

Maintain your consistency of supplying fruits and vegetables to your clients!

Food Processing Industry

Get consistent quality fruits and vegetables at amazing rates, directly from farms!

"Good news! We have got things simplified for you. Imagine a mobile app where you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables directly from farmers. Yes, our Truce App for buyers helps you do this and much more."

How it Works

Select Product

Select product which you want to order in bulk. For certain products, you also get an option to choose variety and grade.

Check Market Prices

Check prices from different markets across India for fruits and vegetables on the app.

Select Quotes from Multiple Seller

After completing order, we will identify suitable sellers with best quotes for you. Then you can choose the seller of your choice. The selected seller will dispatch and deliver the order to you.

Confirm Order

Confirm the order by selecting your delivery address and delivery date. You can put multiple items in an order.

Truce App Can Boost Your Business

One-stop solution for buying fruits and vegetables:
Gone are the days when you had to roam from market to market just because a single market didn’t have all the fruits and vegetables that you wanted. Offering a variety of farm produce at a single place, the Truce App lets you bulk-purchase fruits and vegetables with just a tap of your mobile screen.
Assured Quality
We train our farmers around the importance of quality and the best practices that they should follow to ensure it. We also conduct workshops around different topics like packaging the fruits and vegetables for delivery.

Discounted Pricing
As our app brings the farm supply ecosystem online, you get rid of the unnecessary middlemen. This not just simplifies the process but also gets you the best deals in terms of pricing.
Our app, your language
The Truce App is available in 4 different languages. We currently support Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati. You will be glad to know that we are in plans of expanding this list.
Safe online payments
Digital transactions are definitely the way to look forward to when it comes to buying and selling of goods. Our app ensures safe online payments so that you don’t have to bother about anything apart from fulfilling your business needs.
Aadhaar Integration
Yes, believe it or not, our app has Aadhaar (or the UID) integrated into it. So we are not just solving the farm supply chain problem but we are also working in line with the other initiatives that the government has taken up.

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